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Hagia Sophia Lit At Night - Istanbul

Turkey, with its dramatic landscapes and disarmingly friendly people, is a land almost twice as large as California — located in the same latitude, but washed by the warm waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

Why Turkey for your honeymoon or special anniversary? Romance! Sultans, palaces, a sumptuous culture and cuisine, and a warm welcome. Fascinating ancient-modern cities, broad sandy beaches, beautiful mountains—lots to see and do...and beautiful places to do nothing at all, if that's your preference. Turkey is the 6th most popular travel destination in the world with top-class hotels and services, and an honestly warm welcome for travelers on honeymoon ("balayi" in Turkish). Istanbul, Biblical Ephesus, and the Turkish Riviera along the Mediterranean coast are the most popular honeymoon destinations. Imagine: Aphrodisias, City of the Goddess of Love, and the Temple of Apollo at Sidé where Anthony and Cleopatra met for a romantic tryst! Travel in Style can help you plan your Turkish Delightful trip in every detail.


Treasures of Istanbul (4 days)
The perfect stopover! You can see a lot in 4 days: Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Byzantine Hippodrome and Sunken Palace cistern, the Grand Bazaar--all the top sights.

City of the Sultans (6 days)
City of the Sultans is similar to Treasures of Istanbul, but includes a day touring Beyoglu, the European Quarter of the city, including Taksim Square, the Galata Tower, a walking tour through some of the most enchanting château's, palaces and 19th Century Constantinople, and the Grand Rue de Péra.


Recommended Restaurants

Sometimes guests ask us for suggestions for restaurants in the Sultanahmet area in Istanbul. The problem is that we don't really recommend many restaurants in Sultanahmet. We find them either overpriced or mediocre in quality—the usual culprits in a tourist area. However there are a few places that you may wish to consider:

In our experience the rooftop Terrace Restaurant at the Blue House (Mavi Ev) Hotel has good food and the view of the Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque is spectacular. It's right across the street and illuminated at night.

The hotel's other restaurants have the same quality cuisine, but not the VIEW, and therefore may seem a bit overpriced (because of the location).

We like Pasazade (PAH-shah-zah-deh) Ottoman Cuisine, down the hill toward Eminönü. They have a young chef with interesting takes on some little-known traditional Turkish country dishes.

You may want to ask for their superb seafood and service at the Imbat Restaurant — the rooftop terrace restaurant in the Orient Express Hotel.

The Hippodrome with the Walled Obelisk in the
foreground and Thutmosis' Obelisk on the right.
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Our walking tours offer a more intimate look at Istanbul. Enjoy a leisurely paced tour that offers you a fascinating behind the scenes experience at a great value. Click for more information about our Istanbul Walking Tours.

Featured Review

Dear Omar,

What a beautiful country Turkey is, as are the lovely Turkish people. Our family had a wonderful holiday seeing the incredible landscapes, the historical ruins, and enjoying a new and different culture. Our unfortunate illness was managed so well by everyone. Ahmet, the doctor and hospital staff, and especially Nermin Sumer the manager at Hotel Tuvana. She was an angel and went way above and beyond in helping us with our needs. We are a pretty much go with the flow family so we regrouped, laughed about it and moved on to the next experience.

Our itinerary was great and we loved each region's unique aspects. Highlights were horsebackriding, the Mediterranean, the hamam, the Spice Bazaar, the food, and of course our adopted Turkish family (Timir). I could go on and on.

Your logistics were flawless. All of our guides and drivers were friendly and on time. Our accommodations were outstanding. (Thanks for the goodies at each stop!!) Tamera Neufeldt must be the most well known lady in Turkey. She is great to talk to and everyone knows her. She is the perfect lead contact.

There is so much more. Feel free to call or ask any questions of us. We had a GREAT vacation.

Darrell and Shelly